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I'll be back, gone miss Finca Verde and La Palma

All options at a glance.

Traveling to La Palma

Many airlines fly to La Palma. When booking a flight, it’s important to know that the name of the La Palma airport is Santa Cruz de La Palma. The Airport Code is: SPC. Another option is to come to La Palma by boat from Tenerife, or by domestic flight.

Public transportation

On La Palma, bus transport is well organized. From the airport buses go to Santa Cruz. There you can take the bus to Santo Domingo, Cueva de Agua, via Barlovento (route Norte 100). On the bus company’s website you will find the timetables.

Car rental

La Palma is the most mountainous island in the world. Therefore, we do not measure distance in mileage, but in time. Because of the many curves and difference in altitude, the average speed of the car is low. Walking is sometimes faster than driving. There are places you cannot reach by bus, therefore you may wish to rent a car.

Finca Verde: Calle Cueva de Agua 15, 38788 Garafia, Isla La Palma  S/C de Tenerife, Islas Canarias   España