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finca verde entree
finca verde entree

Dutch attention to detail that makes the whole environment pleasant and functioning well, without being over-bearing.

Two people with a love for…

About us

We, Hijmen and Annette, have always enjoyed spending our holidays on La Palma. Our dream was to ‘one day’, later, when we were old, own a house on La Palma. But during our holidays in 2011, we saw Finca Verde. It was love at first sight. So why wait until you’re old, when an opportunity like this presents itself? Later turned into now. No holiday home, but an avocado farm. A place to share with others.

finca verde hijmenThere is a lot to tell about Hijmen. He loves cooking with organic ingredients. He believes in a sound mind in a sound body ánd he enjoys live, you could call him a hedonist. If so desired, he will prepare you a lovely dinner, or he can take you to the best spots on the island: by car or on foot. He can tell you vividly about everything that blossoms and flourishes on Finca Verde and about the chickens and cats that potter about.


finca verde annetteAnnette could be characterised as a creative nature-lover. She shares the interest for unadulterated food and she prepares a delicious breakfast with homemade bread and jam. She makes juices, chutneys and more from the produce of the land. Based on these skills she provides, on request, culinary workshops. In addition, if so desired, she can give creative workshops, thanks to her background as an art therapist. Seeing her guests enjoy themselves pleases her enormously and she is more than willing to lend you a book, a cd, or a warm sweater, if that should make your stay more pleasant. If our guests prefer just to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful surroundings of Finca Verde, of course they are more than welcome to do just that. Leaving people be is one of our fortes as well.

Not only do we love working in the kitchen, we also love to work the land and the garden.
As far as possible we do this in accordance with the permaculture system. The three core tenets of permaculture are: care for the earth, care for the people and return of surplus. We gladly share with others our surplus of tranquility, space and delight.

Finca Verde: Calle Cueva de Agua 15, 38788 Garafia, Isla La Palma  S/C de Tenerife, Islas Canarias   España